2023 Theme & Focuses

Data Inc: Driving reputation through edudata

The 21st century is the era of data. It is being used to inform decisions, identify new audiences and target markets, increase ROI and understand consumer tendencies and needs. In the corporate world, data is the underpinning resource to further progress. Universities, however, lag behind their corporate counterparts. While there are numerous data points available, detailing areas such as student demands and behaviors, employer desires and research output, collecting and using it has proven challenging.

The theme of this year’s summit, Data Inc, will focus on how universities can fully utilize their data collection and usage to meet strategic objectives such as community engagement, research grants, and output. As the private sector continues to be creative in monetizing data and services, universities have an opportunity to learn from their successes and apply those lessons to their own data strategies.


Focus 1: Global Engagement
Focus 2: Employability and Outcomes
Focus 3: Research and Discovery
Focus 4: Sustainability
Focus 5: Innovation & Knowledge Transfer
Focus 6: Student Demand
Focus 7: Student Motivation and Behaviour
Focus 8: Student Conversion
Focus 9: Programme Demand
Focus 10: Learning Experience