1. Who should attend the conference?

  • Presidents/vice presidents, Chancellors/vice chancellors and university policymakers
  • Senior administrators and academics involved in faculty and student exchanges
  • International directors and office staff
  • Government officials

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2. How do I register to attend the conference?

You can register for the conference via our QS-APPLE 2019 website.
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* Please note that the following cancellation charges apply:

Period before conference within which written notification of cancellation is received

Cancellation Charges

31-60 days

50% of registration fee

0-30 days

No refund

3. Where can I find the conference program?

Our conference program can be found via our QS-APPLE 2019 website.

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4. Do I need visa to travel to Japan?

There are 68 countries whose citizens can enter visa-free for tourism or business. Other nationalities are required to visit a Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa. Click here for more information. Should you require an official invitation letter to support your visa application, please drop us an email at Send mail. *Please note that an invitation letter will only be issued upon registration.

5. Which are the official hotels for QS-APPLE 2019?

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka, Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata and Hotel New Otani Hakata are our official hotels for QS-APPLE 2019. Please find more details on official hotels   here .