Travel to the US

Delegates are advised to check with your travel agent and local US Consulate on about Visa and Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements.


Visa Information

View here for more information about applying how to apply for a visa or if your country is part of the Visa Waiver Program.

If you need to apply for a B1 visa to attend the conference, please email us the below details at [email protected]

  • Full name as per passport:
  • Title:
  • Passport Nationality:
  • Passport number:
  • Job Title:
  • Organisation: 
  • Entry and Departure dates from the USA

For those countries that those that qualify for the Visa Waiver Program, please note you will still need to submit an ESTA application which needs to be approved before flying to the US.

View here for more information about the Visa Waiver Program and how to submit your ESTA.