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Message from the President of Kyushu University

On behalf of the university and the organizing committee, I am thrilled to invite you to the QS-APPLE 2019 to be held in November 26th-28th 2019 at Kyushu University in Japan.

The QS-APPLE conferences recognize at their core the necessity to bring together people from throughout the world to promote the development of higher education programs that prepare students to move the world forward and solve problems on an international scale. Kyushu University has also embraced this thinking as it continually strives to enhance and expand its programs. Kyushu, the most southern of Japan’s four largest islands and home to Kyushu University, has historically been a gateway for goods, people, and culture, making the honor of being the first Japanese host of this premiere conference on global education all the more befitting.

Kyushu University continues this gateway tradition by gathering students, researchers, and professors from around the globe to provide international education in areas spanning from the humanities and sciences to medicine and engineering. Our commitment to evolve with the internationalization of the educational landscape has led to the offering of numerous courses in English and the signing of over 100 agreements with academic institutes across six continents to promote the exchange of students and ideas. Furthermore, 2018 saw the opening of our first new department in over 50 years, the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, which integrates humanities and sciences to give students the tools to deal with global issues in collaboration with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

We at Kyushu University are also excited to use this opportunity to highlight our new campus, which was completed in September 2018, ending a decades-long project of relocating three campuses spread throughout the city of Fukuoka in one location. The new campus, the largest in Japan, facilitates the interaction of students and faculty in all fields and further promotes the creation of new ideas in its cutting-edge facilities while coexisting with and preserving the natural landscape.

For those who are unfamiliar with the area, Kyushu has something for everyone with its majestic mountains and beautiful coastlines, fresh fish and delicious cuisine, a lively city center in Fukuoka, and charming rural areas around the campus. Come to enjoy not only the conference but also the university and all Kyushu has to offer.

While we as educators are tasked with the crucial mission of teaching new generations of students, we ourselves must also take the time to learn from one another. This conference is an ideal platform for such interaction, and I am sure that it will be an invaluable experience for all involved.

We are looking forward to hosting you at the QS-APPLE 2019 and will do everything possible to ensure the success of this conference.

Yours sincerely,

Chiharu Kudo
Kyushu University