2024 Agenda

AI and Digitally Empowered Education

This year’s summit, themed AI and Digitally Empowered Education, will explore current case studies of AI in education and delve into the historical context of what is being undertaken. Bringing together experts in the fields of AI, education, employment, and ethics, we will consider the practical realities of AI-empowered education for students, educators, administrators, employers, and policy-makers.

Artificial intelligence as a practical reality has existed for almost 70 years, and since its inception, it has slowly begun touching more parts of modern life, in areas such as driver assistance, job applications, email filtering and fraud detection. In the Big Data era, universities have also utilized AI for student applications and candidate identification. The latest iteration, scaled generative AI, has sparked imagination for what education could be if powered by AI and by renewed efforts to create genuine personalized learning.

Kindly note that this agenda is based on Washington D.C Time (EDT, GMT -4)

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