Proposal Submission

Call For Proposal

Do you or anyone you know use data & analytics in an exemplary way? Do you want to share your knowledge about the latest trends in the use of data and provide new perspectives and takeaways?

If so, EduData Summit is the perfect stage for you to share your experiences with over 300 of your peers from around the world. Submit your speaking proposal before 14th February 2020!

Speakers for EduData Summit 2020 are expected to have a 40 minute speaking role across different Session Formats.

The 2020 EDS conference theme is: Leveraging Data and Analytics to Empower Institutional Engagement and Environmental Sustainability

The program of the conference will be composed of a set of four thematic tracks:

Tracks and Topics

Universities are at the heart of knowledge creation and research and educating the leaders of tomorrow, but how they operate, research and educate in the best interests of future generations from an environmental standpoint is not widely understood. Presentations should focus on discussing the role of universities and how data and analytics has and can be used to evaluate the environmental footprint of institutions operationally as well as their contribution to research and education in these critical areas. Proposals that include aspects of how universities have engaged with partners, networks and their local communities and or illustrate connections to employability, curriculum advancement, better teaching, and educational outcomes will have an increased probability of selection.

What role does or should a university play in the broader context of its community, its city, its region, its nation or the world at large. How can data be harnessed to evaluate the impact of the institution beyond teaching and research and how can these aspects be compared? A diversity of presentations will be selected focusing on broad questions of defining engagement in the first place and examples of institutions illustrating and evidencing different aspects of it.

All presentations should focus on how universities are getting “ahead” of the labor market and adapting/adopting new educational models and curricula in anticipation of change labor market needs/demands both in terms of academic capability and employability skills.

Presentations should focus on applications of data science and analytics on improving rankings, university status/market presence, student wellbeing/health, faculty teaching and learning, and/or research effectiveness.

Submissions by non-academic institutions

Kindly note that there has been a revision in our submission policies and we will only be accepting proposals from non- academic institutions, who are track sponsors.

If a non- academic institution would like to present a paper at our conferences, they may do so through sponsorship of a whole session (3 presentation slots) at our conferences.

In this instance, if you would like to present a paper under Track 4, you may wish to consider a sponsorship for a session under Track 4 only.

Multiple submissions by academic institutions

All proposers of the said event are to abide to the following

  • Each approved presenter will only be scheduled to a single presentation slot in the program

  • Each institution is allowed up to three approved presentation slots, of which are to contain three different presenters.

The above policy has been put in place to ensure the delivery of a varied informative and well-tailored presentations by diverse prominent presenters of the global higher education sector.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to EduData Summit 2020. However, due to an overwhelming response, the proposal submission system is currently closed. We will inform all interested individuals if there is any possible availability.