Theme and Topics

EduData Summit 2022 Hybrid Conference And Exhibition

Theme: The Virtuous Circle: Sustainable and inclusive life-long learning through EduData
8-10 June 2022


Starting the Circle

  • Access to education (stats and figures on demographics, particularly under-represented)
  • University pedagogy (how are learning styles developing to meet needs)
  • Student recruitment (work of institutions to meet new markets)
    • Differentiation with access to education; more focus contemporary desires of students

Keep on Spinning

  • Preparing students for life-long learning
    • Opposite side of meeting market needs, preparing students for the process of life-long learning
  • Professional services education (availability of life-long career learning; employer tracking of results)
  • Governmental policy (how figures can inform priorities in higher ed)
    • Success of initiatives to encourage continued learning
    • Direction of resources towards certain sectors/incentives for majors
  • Tracking and engaging with alumni

(Re)inventing the wheel

  • Industry-university collaboration
    • tracking how industry is influencing course content, collaboration between the two)
  • Graduate employability (industry-institutional collaboration)
    • Tracking internships
  • Tracking how demands are changing from employers.
    • Differentiation here as the employee will be looking towards career progression, not necessarily within the same company. Differing priorities. Different abilities to undertake (maybe have family, working too long, etc)
  • Mid-life career changes